Monday, May 3, 2010

Our First Sibling Marathon (remembering this as we get ready for our 3rd Sibling Marathon in 2 weeks)

Our first all-siblings marathon - Top Of Utah (Logan), 2006. Our morning started at about 3 am. Maybe it was 4. It's a blur. It was very cold at the start of the race - Don had frost on his coat through the first 17 miles.

The above picture is at the finish. We actually are all standing. Amazing. :) It wasn't that bad, once it was over. The first six miles we laughed a lot, the next six miles we chatted, the third six miles we only made occasional comments. The next six miles the only one talking was Don, and he would say things like, "Are we there yet?" and "Hurry." Then he felt sorry for us and said things like, "You can do it!" The last two full miles we sort of just glared at each other and everyone else. But the final point two miles we knew we were done and we smiled again. And through the finish line we ran - delighting in the cheers of our families and friends in the crowd. We'd done it! And when it was all said and done, it was worth it. We've since run another marathon (Teton Dam, 2008) which wasn't fun at all - too many hills to push Don up and we were slow enough that he got bored, and we had some tummy troubles along the way. But we have our 3rd sibling marathon coming up in two weeks (Ogden). It's a fast course and should be fun if the weather cooperates. I'm excited about it. It'll be my 5th marathon. We also have our 4th sibling marathon scheduled for September - Top of Utah again.

We are one crazy family

We couldn't and wouldn't have done this without our spouses and kids patiently enduring our long weeks of training, and their support made this possible. Of course, it's Dad's fault that we started running in the first place, and he did all the legwork in getting Don's chair set up for us. Gracias, Papa! And Mom as always, is the perfect cheerleader and baby-sitter. Thanks, husband, wives, kids, and Goats.

My cute little Eleanor at the finish. She's turning into quite the runner herself.

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