Monday, May 3, 2010

I said Reading, didn't I?

I haven't said a word yet about what I'm reading - and yet my subtitle clearly states Reading is part of this blog! So in order not to misguide anyone (as if anyone is even reading this), I'll try to include a report on what I'm currently reading.

I just finished Dan Brown's book "The Lost Symbol" which was interesting. I skimmed great big passages that were gruesome-ish (not my cup o' tea), but did enjoy the history and explanations of symbols. That being said, I think it's important to respect the beliefs and practices of organizations and not expose to the world things that may be mis-interpreted. Dan did make a good effort at assuaging any shock-factor, but the shock-factor was also what he played on.

I'm also reading Toni Morrison's "A Mercy." Got this from

With her latest novel A Mercy, Toni Morrison offers up more evidence of why she is possibly America’s greatest living author. As in earlier works like Sula, Song of Solomon, and Beloved, in A Mercy Morrison examines the strange intersections of race and geography, family and culture, memory and storytelling. And like those great novels before it, at the center of A Mercy (a center, mind you that Morrison frequently works to decenter) is that great post-modern question: what is identity?

I'm still getting into it (it always takes a good 100 pages for me), but I have great hopes for a good read.
I recently read Kate Morton's "The Forgotten Garden" and loved it almost completely. It's the story of different generations, juxtaposed through time and place, as the final generation tries to complete the history of her orphaned grandmother. Very good read, but of course there was a part I didn't care for (yes, I'm a picky reader).
So there's a reading update. Now I feel better about my blog's subtitle.
(And now I need to figure out how to format these posts so the spacing's all the same! I'll ask Jeff, he knows everything. Literally!)

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  1. Such a fun blog! I've always liked you, and it's so nice to be in touch with you again. Your family is beautiful. You're a gifted writer. I look forward to reading more about your coming adventures. :-)