Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My role

My house this morning: Mom, watch me! Mom, can you help me? Mom, where are you? Mom, where's my (fill in the blank). Mom, look at this! Mom, guess what? Mom, I need you! And, the #1 on the list - a spontaneous: Mom, I love you. (Crazy & hectic as motherhood often is, I really love being a mom.)

Speaking of motherhood, I dreamed last night that I had the kids out in a forest somewhere and it was night. We had a roomy tent that had no floor (just dirt). The kids got in their sleeping bags, but they were cold. They were so very cold. I did everything I could to get them warm, finally starting up a fire to warm them up. But then they were hungry. So very hungry. I made sure they were safe, then took off into the night towards a cabin I knew was nearby. There was food stocked there. I wanted ham and roast beef and bread and fruit and hot chocolate to take back to my kids. It was the most important thing to me, my most important mission, to make sure they had food and they were warm.

I woke up before I got the food to them. And guess what? I was very cold and very hungry. I turned up the heat, ate a cookie, and went back to bed.

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