Saturday, April 17, 2010

I was a runner two days ago...

I have been so good about following my training schedule - the Advanced I Marathon Training Schedule from I run and run and swim and run and bike and long-run (Saturdays have been around 20 miles, lately) and then rest on Sundays. I LOVE Sundays. There's a reason for going hard, and a reason for Sundays. God knew we all could use a day off our regular activities.
I took a bit of a rest yesterday because I'd been up with a sick daughter all night on Thursday. I just did some core work and called it good. Today is my scheduled long-run so I thought it'd be fine to rest up for today anyway. Ha! Didn't sleep at all last night because I was up all night with a sick ME! Coughing, sore throat, runny eyes, achey body. Sure, I could drag my body out and force a few miles out of it, but that would be doing more harm than good. So, VERY reluctantly, I am taking yet another rest day. Tomorrow is Sunday. No running. I hope I can stand the mental frustration going on here. So my back-pocket plan is to take my long run early on Monday. And I do mean early. I have to be home before the kids wake up to get them off to school.
I feel like I used to be a runner and that it was a long time ago. Two whole days ago. With one more day to go until I turn into a runner again. If I'm not still so sick, that is. One month to go until Marathon #5. May my training revive itself on Monday! (Or - please, please, please let my kids and me get better and let the weather be good and let me get enough sleep!)

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