Monday, April 19, 2010

Mr. Rogers and Gandalf - A love story

When my husband started his residency, the hospital held a get-to-know-you gathering. As part of the activities, we took some pretty extensive personality tests. All those questions just to find out who you are. I don't remember any of the questions or any of the analyses, except for the part the test told me which celebrity I most resembled. Mr. Rogers. Me - and Mr. Rogers? I couldn't have been more flattered. I don't think I'm nearly as much like Fred Rogers as Fred Rogers is, but I'd sure like to be. Everybody deep down inside has a soft sport for Mr. Rogers.
My husband's results were far different, but just as flattering (I think!). He turned out to be Gandalf, the very cool wizard in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings books. He (my husband and Gandalf - a collective "he" since they are one) is wise and powerful, and also has a very gentle, caring side. A leader, a do-er, and a handsome guy, too. Nice.
As one friend of ours said, I can just picture Jeff telling those Balrogs at the front door, "You shall not pass!" Meanwhile, I'd be inviting the creature in with a song, "Won't you be my neighbor?"
So a Miss Mister Rogers marries Gandalf the Grey. And live happily ever after. How neat is that?

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