Monday, March 11, 2013

Winter Report

Jeff won the "Best Costume" award at the Spooky Cross Cyclocross Race.  I think a man in a skirt is a little spooky myself.  ("It's a KILT, not a skirt!" he yells in a thick Scottish accent.)

Oliver ("Vector" from Despicable Me), Jeff (sans skirt, oops, I mean "kilt"), Eleanor the Medium Good Witch, Sam with his invisible Butterfly Wings (he really has them on), and Charlotte the Little Good Witch.  I had a Witch's hat on, too, so I was the Big Good (good, right?  not bad!) Witch.  Spooky Cross Race in Victor, Idaho around Halloween time.
My cool boys on the cool winner's podiums at the Spooky Cross race.  Now compare their smiles to the girls in the next photo.

Thank Heaven for little girls  :).  Aren't my little witches fun?

After the Costume Race (they had to do one lap in costume), the real race began.  Here's Jeff doing the cyclocross thing.  Without his skirt.  I mean kilt.

This winter's highlight:  Eleanor's baptism!  We are so lucky to have such a sweet and lively girl to sparkle up our lives.  She's a keeper!
Eleanor-the-Lamb and Charlotte-the-Chinese-Girl in the local Nutcracker Ballet.  They were thrilled to put on make-up,  but that excitement didn't last once they learned how irritating it can be and how annoying it is to remove.  Phew!  That's a lesson worth the three months of ballet practice!

I sure love my bunch.  Oliver, Charlotte, Eleanor, and Sam, building forts in the forest where we found our 17' Christmas tree.
I don't know anyone else who has ever had a pet Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.  Eleanor's pet Sally (who was once named Crunch until we discovered her gender), passed away this winter.  Eleanor was heartbroken.

We crafted a coffin out of tissue paper-filled medicine cups.  

The Funeral Procession.  Eleanor's friend Lydia dropped what she was doing to run over and support Eleanor in this difficult time.  Charlotte was a sweet addition, too.

Our grow box now holds the remains of Sally (to be exhumed at a later date and disposed of).   It was a very sad day at our house.  Thankfully, Eleanor decided to hold off on replacing her pet.

For Christmas, Eleanor asked for (and received) a camping trip with Dad.  They skied in to a Yurt in Harriman State Park (it was late so they skied w/headlamps), spent the night, then spent most of the day hanging out in the Yurt and cross-country skiing around.  She maintains that it was her favorite present EVER

Eleanor in the Yurt, whittling away.  Literally.

Sam, who is really enjoying cross-country skiing.  Really.  Right?  Maybe just a little?  Or not...  And Oliver, taking off like a madman.  He wasn't really mad that I made him ski, was he?  Naw...  

Charlotte with her bunny ears, having a blast cross-country skiing.  Maybe if we gave her brothers bunny ears they'd be happier?

So I insisted on buying a copy of this awesome picture of my awesome husband. That means I can use it on my blog, right?  Jeff  raced in the 25K Rendezvous Race, had a blast, and did amazing.  Great form.   

I took the kids out skate skiing on Saturday.  The snow is melting but there's still enough on the dry farms to do some "crust cruising" as our friend Randy calls it.  Charlotte took this picture, tilting it to make it look like I'm really strong pulling Eleanor up a big hill.  I wasn't sure what to think as Eleanor urged me on, "Come on, Big Red!".  I've always liked horses, just never wanted to be one...


  1. HUZZAH! Finally an update on the fam! Lots of great pictures and winter trips! I saw a news update on the Skiing Race in West Yellowstone and thought of you all. I admire your crust cruising uphill with Eleanor in tow. Sorry to hear about the cockroach passing. Now you're down to a Oliver's guniea pig, right? And GREAT costumes, everyone!

  2. What a fun full winter season - no wonder you were missing from the blogosphere. I am certain that all my nieces and nephews have grown into big people now! I am so impressed with out athletic you have built a family fun tradition. Obviously, what with you and Jeff endlessly in races. No slowing down no matter what the season. It is beautiful.

  3. You really know how to see and create wonder in our winter-land. Just hearing about it makes me want to curl up by a fire and listen to more of your chilling and thrilling tales of ice and snow and warmth with family. They are so blessed to have your influence. . . your BIG, RED influence! ;)