Saturday, October 13, 2012

Regarding September

Race recaps:
Did I write about the RUSH triathlon?  Probably not.  It was fun, I finished first in my age group and either 8th or 10th or 12th overall for women (I really don't remember).  The thing I do remember was the my heart leaping when I saw Jeff as I ran out of the water.  He was waiting in the corral to help me through T1.  His presence and support turned the day from "just another race" to something entirely different.  It was a chance to include him in my goal, which, since I was still fighting pneumonia, was simply to finish happy.  Well, I didn't just finish happy, I raced happy.  And all because Jeff was there.  Cheesy?  Maybe. But I don't care.
Jeff and four friends raced in the Logan to Jackson bike race known as LOTOJA.  It's over 200 miles long.  He and the guys registered for the relay, thereby splitting the race into about 30 mile increments.  Even with Jeff's lost 12 minutes of flat tire repair, the guys finished right up in the top few (for a while we thought they were first, but with recalculating times I'm not so sure anymore).
For a nice, romantic, relaxing 16th anniversary date Jeff and I rode in the AMA Challenge - a supported bike ride to raise money for diabetes.  Jeff started in Ashton at 10am with the 50 mile group.  I waited at the turn-off to Mesa Falls (just past Harriman) for the 11am start of the 30 mile group.  At 11am, the 30 milers took off but I still waited.  Within about 2 minutes Jeff came peeling around the corner, with two friends following, who were all in the lead.  They stopped to pick up a banana and a drink and me, and then we were off.  Jeff let me draft the entire way (except on the steep uphill where drafting doesn't work, so he just rode by my side and talked me up the hill).  We rode so fast!  It's a fast course, although a few uphills were thrown in. Even though I slowed us down on the uphills, with Jeff pulling me we were able to finish just behind KJ (who was the first 50 mile finisher).  That made me the first 30 mile finisher!  Now before anyone says anything, I need to disclose that many of the other 30 milers were quite young.  As in 10 or so.  And at least one was old enough to have been Jeff's and my high school seminary teacher.  Oh, wait, he WAS our high school seminary teacher!  It was great fun to see Brother Parker (who, by the way, was our matchmaker) riding out there with many of his grandchildren.
Next race?  None planned.  I'm just keeping fit to keep happy.

The Family:
Sam gets his Eagle award next week.  I am so proud of him.  And so relieved to have that over with.  Oliver got his Arrow of Light and advanced last month, then turned 11 last week.  Time flies!  Eleanor-the-bug-lover is in the Discovery (gifted and talented) program, as were Sam and Oliver.  It starts in 2nd grade (she's now 2nd grade!?!?!?).  Charlotte is a kindergarten student who reads chapter books (she just finished the 30th Magic Tree House book) and does Eleanor's homework if we're not looking.  I had to start printing out separate homework papers for Charlotte so she'd stop doing Ellie's.  The boys are still doing Parkour and the girls are doing ballet, and they all take piano.  Add scouts to the mix (including me as a Den Leader and Jeff as the Scoutmaster) and homework and lawn mowing, there simply isn't much discretionary time.  Which is why my blog is suffering with sporadic, superficial, and brief posts.
One of these days I'll get back to writing thoughtful or insightful posts.  In the meantime,  I'm just satisfied to keep track of these things.


  1. Just don't forget it! How amazing all around. You and Jeff's love and life together inspires us. And those kids are smarties! How'd you do that?

  2. I love this post--so much celebratory happiness! Just as it should be! Congratulations on enjoying it!!

  3. i love ALL of this post! except for the part where i missed oliver's birthday. oops! keep up the riding, running, scouting, and happiness!

  4. You have to keep up on the blog, so I can keep up with you! Maybe you could drop would make for some very interesting blog posts:)