Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Various and Sundry

The girls looked so colorful, I couldn't help taking the picture. We're on our way to church.

Oliver surprised me this week with a cool trick. He made a candle, lit it, then when it had burned out, HE ATE IT! I was taken aback, to say the least. (The candle was a piece of a cheese stick with a slivered almond for the wick).

Yum. These cookies turned out great. I'll add the recipe in a bit. They're a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. So good.

Well, in case anyone doesn't know, my Eleanor loves bugs, and has taught Charlotte to be a Bugger, too. Hmm, that's not exactly the right word, is it?

Saturday's harvest was a pleasant surprise. Jeff gathered these lovely veggies from the garden we (he) had planted and then practically ignored the rest of the summer. Nice of the food to grow for us. But now we have to eat it all... That's not a bad thing, despite what Charlotte's face may suggest.

There's no such thing as too much love. Or is there?

Jeff's a patient papa.

The boys have had a lot of fun playing hockey on the driveway. Cute little goal cages, coupled with the mini sticks (it's only the ends of sticks they're using), makes a perfect drive-way size hockey rink. Field. Whatever. Notice Oliver's Vibram 5 Fingers that he bought (that's where his lawn mowing money went this year - poor kid will probably outgrow them by next month).

Yes, I am the mother of four monkeys. What does that make me? Busy, that's what.


  1. looks like a lot of fun to me! oh to have a harvest and cute kids to entertain! love you ALL!

  2. that is 'monkey's unleashed' four sure! oh. Hooray for fall and outdoor fun and harvest and lovely family. Oh you are an inspiration

  3. Love love love them all! WE were just talking about our annual trip up to the Cabin and were sooo sad to remember that there wasn't a cabin to come too. But . . . maybe we'll still come up and have a little visit with YOU!