Friday, August 5, 2011

Oliver - you're out of the Will! (Just temporarily though)

(My friend Heather took this picture and the one at the end of this post)

There's nothing like conversations with your kids to get you laughing. This week I'm spotlighting Oliver.

I think it's great to be healthy - for my family to exercise and get good nutrition. I guess there's a limit on what my kids will tolerate.

"Ew, I HATE V-8, Mom!" said Oliver with a grimace.

"I understand," I replied, trying to be diplomatic and mature about the whole ordeal. "I didn't like V-8 either until I got older. Maybe you'll like it when you grow up."

Oliver looked up at me in disbelief and disgust, "Growing up means you start liking icky food? No thanks!"

Growing up means liking icky food... He's right, you know. I laughed about that for days.

The other interaction didn't really leave me laughing. And he was lucky I didn't tackle him for his cheekiness. But it was cute (sort of) so I'll share it anyway.
See, I bought myself some new sports glasses. (I actually bought a pair, returned it the next day, bought another pair, didn't like it either, and finally kept my third pair.
That's pretty much shows how indecisive I am.) These glasses are sweet, stylish, hip, whatever the current word is ("bad"? "sick"?). Whatever. They're great. I can use them while running and while cycling. Nice.
So I had my new sunglasses on (Oakley somethings), along with my running cap,
trying them on for the kids' approval.
They all gave me the thumbs up.

Except Oliver.
I couldn't figure it out - what more could I do to impress my 9 year-old boy? Sports glasses, running cap, the whole sha-bang. Where was I falling short?
I made the mistake of asking him. While there's something to be said for being honest, I still wish he was maybe a little dishonest just this once. He didn't really have to tell me the truth, did he?
Oh, do you want to know what he said in his disapproving way?

"Mom, you're just too old to look cool."

There you go. According to the Wisdom of Oliver, his old mom eats icky food and is way past her "cool" prime.

Good thing I love that boy.

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