Monday, May 16, 2011

Note to Self

What do you get when you run dehydrated and don't replenish electrolytes during or after (and then drink too much water the next two days because you're thirsty)? Edema. Water retention. Hyponatremia. My 20 mile run Saturday was a little sluggish, but manageable. The 12 lbs water gained over the last two days since the run, however, is just ridiculous. Lesson learned: drink before you're thirsty, pop the electrolyte pills even on a cool morning, and avoid free water ("free" not as in cost, but as in just plain water). I knew that. I really did. After years of long runs, I pretty much have my body figured out. I just kind of forgot, I guess. Oh, well. Better on a training run than in a race! I do not like the puffy marshmallow feeling and can't wait for my body to settle back down. Meanwhile, I'm taking two complete rest days and drinking Nuun, Gatorade, chicken broth, and tea. No water pills - the last thing I need is to be dehydrated again.
I hope I remember what I already know next time I do a long run. Silly me.

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