Sunday, January 16, 2011

This week's re-cap

Reading: This week I read "Esperanza Rising" and started "Maniac Magee" (I'm nearly done with it), which means I didn't get much housework done this week. But I am enjoying my time a lot more! There's a very nice lady in the neighborhood who comes for a couple of hours every Monday to help me keep the house clean - I'm nervous about what she'll think tomorrow when she comes and sees my neglected home. Oh, well. Swallow my pride and get back to my books...
"Esperanza" was particularly interesting because it was set in the area where I served my Spanish-speaking LDS mission. I could picture the landscape and hear the people speaking, and I felt a kinship to the characters. Whenever I read about people overcoming or enduring great trials, I always feel inspired and humbled.
"Maniac" is hard to put down. Its a story of a talented orphan who wants an address, who runs, runs, runs, and who touches the lives of unexpected and unsuspecting people. He doesn't see social barriers that surround him, which softens some people and hardens others. I hope it ends well.

Recipes: Nothing spectacular on the Recipes. I made crockpot chili, some different breads, baked enchiladas, beef and broccoli stir-fry, and various fruit smoothies this week. Nuttin' unusual to report.

Running: This includes riding my bike trainer, swimming, cross-country (skate) skiing, P90X, and all other forms of exercise. This week I got a lot of cross training in. I also got in the newspaper. I was skate skiing at the golf course when the reporter showed up, stopped me (and shortened my work-out time! Oh, well), and asked a gazillion questions. My neighbors were there, also, and he took their pictures for the article. Here's a copy, but it's too small to read well. I guess you'll just have to trust me that they quoted me throughout. (This way maybe I can trick you into thinking I said some really insightful, deep things...)

Ruminations: It's been a crazy week, what with the news of Sam's braces (and him getting his teeth pulled Friday), and Oliver's glasses (they should be done by tomorrow), my own cavity and my first try at laughing gas (wowsers -I wish I could go to the dentist every day now!), swimming lessons, piano lessons, scout activities, two basketball games, two basketball practices, a date (HOORAY!) with Jeff to "Forever Plaid" (wonderful! - Jeff's old friend from Scout Camp days was one of the four Plaids), a trip to IF (I'm getting new skate-ski POLES), teeth cleaning, eye checks, Sam's fever (he's been sick today and yesterday; his fever averaged around 103F), and just plain ol' life - whew! I'm tuckered out! I think it'd be nice to slow down for a few days before we get back to the grind. The kids have no school tomorrow or Tuesday, so we've got to figure out how to stay busy but also slow down.
I know - I'll read a book. :) I can clean the floors tomorrow (I love Sundays - day of rest, so I feel absolutely no guilt at not doing housework (except the bare minimum) and no compulsion to even try!)
Speaking of Sunday, today Eleanor and the boys all invented new games. We've spent the afternoon playing their various games (Ellie: a version of "Blue's Clues" called "Ellie's Adventure", Oliver - a card game of chance called "Bam", Sam - a Lego board game to retrieve a brick, called "Brick Adventure"). We also got out all 8 new cans of play-doh and made various creations. Charlotte is now sitting on my lap, so I think I'd better quit before she begins to blog. Have a nice week, everyone.


  1. I just have to say it, Steph, you are amazing in every conceivable way. Amazing mom, athlete, reader, writer, baker, cooker, and friend. You live life so fully. I love it!

  2. Thanks, Mary. I wish I had time (and energy) to really write, but I realized I'd have to settle for a rushed, mediocre blog or there'd be no blog at all. One of these days I'll write the Great American Blog Post... heh-heh. Or not! :) Ever wonder why us moms look tired all the time? Yup - we're living life fully (because we're living not just our own lives, but also the lives of all those little ones running around us!).

  3. you're a celebrity! they have to catch you during your workouts to get a word in! way to go, stephy!

  4. I am surprised they did catch you! I have Maniac Magee on my bookshelf from one of the friendly Scolastic Book Order days. I haven't read it since the fourth grade, and with your discription I am surprised I read it in the fourth grade! I need to get back to reading. I count a few minutes here and there and don't have nearly the appointments that you do.
    On the random - I have the date of the Mesa Marathon on my calendar and am trying to figure out if I can save enough pennies to be a legit marathoner this year. You gonna do that one again this year?