Saturday, January 8, 2011

No, I don't get anything from Hammer for this...

Every year during the holidays I get so busy with vacation and having the kids home, etc. that I drop my workouts from about 5 days a week to maybe 1 day a week. This year was no exception. Not a big deal, really, except that once I get out of the habit of exercising regularly it is sooooo hard to get back to it! I ran this week on Monday and swam on Tuesday, then gave up Wednesday and Thursday - and felt certain I'd never do anything again. I decided to take my Hammer Nutrition energy supplement (which is pricey so I only take it when I'm training for races), and BAM! energy and motivation returned in full force. I ended up doing three workouts on Friday and three workouts on Saturday. And doing them while I'm sick (I've lost my voice, by the way. It's very inconvenient).
Yesterday I ran 6 miles outside with a friend. It was warm enough (16F but not windy) and the roads had enough clear patches, and we stayed away from the farms (and all their trucks), so it was pleasant. Then after I got the kids off to school and Jeff took Charlotte on some errands, I had an hour to myself before I had to pick up Eleanor's kindergarten carpool group. So I went to the golf course and skate skied (cross-country skate skiing) for 3.5 miles. I picked Ellie and the other kids off, came home and got her lunch and read with her, then we hopped in the pool. She played around while I swam a half mile, then we did some swimming lessons. By then it was about 2pm and time to get ready for Oliver & Samuel to come home from school. Jeff & I stayed up to midnight watching Inception - and I had enough energy to stay awake!
Today I had some time while the kids watched Mary Poppins and hung out with Jeff after lunch so I rode my bike trainer for an hour, then got on the treadmill for a 5k (3.1 miles), then hopped in the pool for a mile swim before the girls joined me for some swimming play and lessons. It was so much fun, and I'm still wide awake.
I think I need to cut back on my Hammer Nutrition because I'm not sure my body can keep up with itself! I turn into the Energizer Bunny when I take the Race Caps Supreme. It's really kind of nice, actually. And the energy feels so natural, not at all like the fake, jittery energy from caffeine and sugar.
Well, so there's my plug. And I'm not a salesman for Hammer but maybe I should be. :)

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