Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Blogs are great for venting :)

I really wouldn't have minded skipping out on today (wish I could've stayed in bed), but attendance was pretty much compulsory. Hopefully I've learned any lessons on my life's IEP and won't have to repeat them! (okay, it wasn't that bad, but still!)

My phone is dying. I miss it. I guess dropping it isn't good. (There really ought to be an i-phone app that makes a cracked phone repair itself.)

My alarm worked (got me up at 3:50am). I wish my alarm was dead. My 20 mile run was slow -20 minutes slower than last week's 20 miler. Dang it.

My 3-year-old Charlotte and my 2-year-old niece dumped brown rice and various cereals on the cold storage room floor. While cleaning it I discovered mold growing on the bottom shelf. Ugh. The dry storage room has water all over the floor - it's not dry any longer! I made a triple batch of zucchini bread, but used 4 1/2 cups of brown sugar instead of white sugar, and 1 1/2 cups of white sugar instead of brown sugar. The brown sugar was dry, but I thought the lumps would dissolve. Nope. I spent way too much time with my hands (clean!) in the mixture trying to smash hardened lumps of brown sugar. My niece hit Charlotte, then burst into a huge crying fit when I told her "We don't hit". Well, we don't! Finally I put on a TV show to calm her down.

I really need to pick raspberries and peas - yesterday. I need to make a salad and dessert for a church meeting, but that's tomorrow. Still, it's weighing on me. I'm in charge of the meeting and that's taking up a lot of time, energy, and sanity.

Sadly, I'm getting a little (okay, a LOT) tired of cleaning up the remains of my kids' creativity. Next time I find a hammer on the floor I think I'll just cry. Or scowl really hard.

Well, life is certainly interesting, isn't it? My mom made me dinner. Mom's are good at stepping in when they're needed, aren't they? I hope I'm that kind of mom.

Good thing I get another chance at this life-thing tomorrow. Maybe things will straighten themselves up while I sleep.

Sleep. The great cure-all. I think I'll drop my alarm. Hah! Knowing my luck, it'll take more than a drop. Hmm, I've know where the hammers are...

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  1. I have totally tried the sugar lump smooshing technique. It is frustrating. If you need help with anything Martell and I are pretty available. He is out of school for a few more weeks and we are both just working part-time with super flexible schedules. So seriously. If you need someone to come tend gardens or kids or whatever you need give us a call. I mean it! You sound like you need a well deserved break!