Friday, June 4, 2010

Bad Weeks Happen

Recipes: Haven't cooked all week (no time to with doctor's visits, swimming lessons, etc). Hooray for left-overs!
Running: Ugh. I "ran" 5 miles yesterday on the treadmill. Or hobbled, is more like it. I did swim 2 miles two days ago, so at least I got a little exercise this week. Double ugh.
Reading: I think there is a disconnect between my eyes and my brain, because although I know I looked at the words, I don't ever remember really reading.

It's been a bad week.

Ruminations: I'm bored. I can't believe I just said that. Bored was a bad word in my family growing up, and I still feel guilty saying (or writing) it. There's so much to do, so much to be done, but I'm not doing it. Besides, it makes my back hurt worse to do anything. Wow, am I whiney today or what?
I visited two different chiropractors this week and one physical therapist. If my dumb insurance deductible wasn't so high, I'd be back at the PTs clinic in a heartbeat. I figured I could afford one visit, then do chiropractic stuff (which is cheaper). The PT's visit was sooooo good. First chiro was fine, second was good, but honestly, the PT topped them all. Sigh...
Okay, I shouldn't complain. Who wants to read an I'm-bored boring post anyway? Nobody. I should quit, but blogging gives me something to do. Something to do sitting down, I should say. My back can handle this.
You know, it's really disturbing how disoriented I've been this week. School ended, I got my boys back from school and my oldest girl "graduated" from preschool. It's really great to have all four home with me. But we're getting bored. Our schedules are like my back: out-of-whack.
It doesn't help that somebody stole the sun. Whoever did that is in such big trouble! RETURN THE SUN PLEASE - or else this is going to be a v-e-r-y l-o-n-g summer. Two days ago I took the kids to the music store to browse electric guitars (that's my boys' new fettish) while the girls banged on all the drums, then we went to feed ducks at the nature park, then they rode their bikes or picked dandelions at the skate park, then we played at a playground, then we went to a different playground, then we went to swimming lessons. We got a month's worth of activities done in one day. I guess we could always do it again. And really, all the outside stuff was fine, but it was windy, cloudy, and chilly. Not the best conditions to be out for too long. The library is closed for renovations or we would've gone there. Blah blah blah. So begins our summer vacation, amidst this very March-like weather, and the coming days look just as bleak and boring.
The kids have their daily chores and work-books and music practice, which helps the monotony, but they finish everything by about 10am. Maybe I need to give them more chores and work-books...
I am not fond of an untidy or unclean house. Thankfully, the kids are pretty good at tidying up when told, but the cleaning part (at least the parts that I do) isn't quite up to par. I want to wash the floors, vacuum the carpets, clean the bathrooms - all of which aggravate my back. So blame the spots on the floor on my back - but don't say anything to me about it or I might just start to cry.
And cooking, which I love, has had to take a back seat to swimming lessons. The lessons take up my afternoon - from 3:30ish to about 7. Doctor's visits have taken up the mornings (after my kids finished their chores by 10). No time for puttering around the kitchen.
How can I be so bored and so busy at the same time?
What's really messed up my balance is not being able to run. I know I get grumpy when I taper, but tapering isn't supposed to start until tomorrow afternoon. With my marathon one week away, I'm feeling more than a little worried about my inability to exercise. Plus, I really miss it. I'm going to try again tomorrow. Maybe that'll help.
It's okay to vent, isn't it? At least it alleviates the boredom temporarily. Now that I've blogged, the question is again, "What to do, what to do...?" There's always laundry, I guess. Boring.


  1. Sounds like a very bad week, Steph. I hope that you heal up quick and are back out on the roads ASAP!

  2. I'm sorry Stephanie. You go right ahead and vent. My blog is my favorite place for that. I hope you are feeling better soon and that your summer starts to look up (and warm up!)

  3. boredom is fair game where i come from! i say, let the kids find their own entertainment after 10am, just as you do the same for yourself!