Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Harriman State Park

This past Monday (President's Day) we took the kids out for a family cross-country ski trip to Harriman State Park (Island Park). It was gorgeous. I love these memory-making activities. They are fun at the time, but still seem to get even better the more time passes (I'm already forgetting how cold I was). Here's the crew getting ready for our day. Sam, Oliver, Charlotte (in the sled), Jeff, and Eleanor. I'm behind the camera.

Sam gliding down the trail.

Oliver catching up to Charlotte.

Here's a picture of my backpack and me (proof that I was here, right?), giving great advice to Oliver on untangling yourself from the skinny skis. I'm not sure he listened, but he did get himself upright. Eleanor is the pink and purple gal.

Eleanor (my budding naturalist) was a great sport - nothing kept her down. In fact, all the kids were great and would just hop back up when they fell. Also pictured is Charlotte (in the sled behind Jeff), who happily coached us all while munching on fruit snacks. Sorry we didn't get good face pictures, but the scenery is lovely, isn't it?

Wow. Just wow.

Beautiful swans just off the trail - they kept poking their heads up over the snow bank to peek at us. We peeked back.

I was absolutely delighted to run into one of my dearest friends of all time! Years ago (like almost 18!? Is that right?) Sarah (who did a great job as camp cook) and I worked together at Badger Creek - an Outdoor Learning Center where we took groups on high ropes course, horse back rides (I loved the horses), climbing walls, initiative courses, taught outdoor survival (oh, yeah - I was queen of the bow drill and the flint-started fires) and all things camping.

On our time off, Sarah and I took to hiking in the surrounding mountains and canyons (read: the Tetons!) Now we're all growed up. She was skiing with her husband and two little girls (pulling her baby in a chariot kind of like ours) when we bumped into each other (not literally). I can't tell you how that brightened my day. Pictures are post-bump (back at the parking lot).

Charlotte's Cafe: I couldn't resist posting this, although it has nothing to do with cross-country skiing. Charlotte set out the stuffed animals and fed them all lunch. I think it's adorable.


  1. What a beautiful day! by the way, Sally is here checking blogs with me and she kept saying "fish. fish" I took me a minute, but I figured it out. We fed your fish and she loves them.

  2. I can't believe she's talking! Cute little Sally (and cute parents, too!). It was a beautiful day indeed. Thanks for checking in, Katie!

  3. Harriman is a wonderful place to create memories. I still remember my favorite loop, pretty sure it is called silver is exciting and gorgeous.